The Turkish Qualifications Framework National Conference
17-18 January 2023

The Turkish Qualifications Framework National Conference

The Turkish Qualifications Framework (TQF) National Conference was held on 17-18 January in order to bring together key national actors to raise awareness on TQF, share and disseminate good practices in relation to implementing TQF and NQFs, including aspects such as including qualifications into frameworks, recognition of prior learning, quality assurance and dialogue mechanisms among stakeholders.

The first day of the national conference started with opening speeches by T.C the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security Adnan Ertem, Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer Landrut, President of Vocational Qualifications Authority Adem Ceylan, President of Higher Education Board Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar, the Director General of Vocational Education and Training Nazan ŞENER.

In the first day, presentations were given on the TQF in the context of wider NQF developments by Project Key Expert 3 Gerard Madill, on the TQF Database by TQF Expert Osman Coşar, on the TQF Activity Report by TQF Expert Nesrin Doğan and finally International Expert Alan Davidson gave a presentation on Quality Assurance in National Qualifications Frameworks and the updated TQF Quality Assurance Handbook. On the second day, thematic seminars were held with the participation of international experts on various subjects, supported by the TQF Department Experts. Each seminar was held three times, with experts rotating between seminar rooms, so that all delegates were able to participate in seminars on all three themes.

Thematic Seminar 1: Presentation of the Handbook for Including Qualifications into TQF

  1. Mikaela KETS – International Expert, supported by TQF Expert Büşra Tekelioğlu.

Thematic Seminar 2: Presentation of Handbook for Recognition of Prior Learning in TQF

  1. Karen Adams- International Expert, supported by TQF Expert Osman Coşar.

Thematic Seminar 3: Presentation of Guide on Self-Evaluation and External Evaluation

  1. Alan Davidson- International Expert, supported by TQF Expert Nesrin Doğan.

The seminar discussions were lively and participative.

The final evaluation session was led by Mr Madill as General Rapporteur, who summarised the main discussion topics and some draft conclusions and finished with a question and answer session.

Scenes from the Event

Scenes from the Event 1/6
Scenes from the Event 2/6
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