TUYEP Technical Assistance Project

“Implementation of the Turkish Qualifications System and Framework Operation (TUYEP)” project was designed primarily to eliminate the weaknesses outlined in the Strategic Plan of Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and to solve the challenges defined at the Problem Analysis Study carried out with VQA experts in November 2015. The focus of this project is the studies regarding Turkish Qualification System (TQF) implementation, awareness-raising, and capacity building of VQA and its stakeholders, and quality assurance of the National Qualifications System.

TUYEP is funded by the European Union IPA II (2014-2020) under Employment, Education and Social Policies Programme (EESP SOP) to support Turkey’s efforts to comply with EU acquis in relevant fields and move towards the European social model.

The project will contribute directly to EESP SOP objectives by providing support to VQA’s capacity building activities and the implementation and/or development of TQF. The overall objective is to establish a flexible, transparent, innovative, and quality-based education system that supports social and economic development and equips individuals with the qualifications needed for employment, where all segments of society find the possibility to learn according to their own needs.

To simply put TUYEP aims to:

  • Strengthen the VQA’s and related stakeholders’ institutional capacity,
  • Strengthen National Vocational Qualification System (NVQS),
  • Enhance the implementation of the TQF.

TUYEP’s activities and its expected results are organised under three categories of intervention according to EESP SOP objectives.

Category of Intervention II of the EESP SOP: Institutional Capacity Building

Due to the increase in the number of departments and thus the staff, and the increase in the number of authorized certification bodies, VQA’s workload is continuously growing. Consequently, it is imperative that the overall capacity of the organization is regularly reviewed and relevant measures are identified and implemented to manage this growth.

Result 1. Under Institutional Capacity Building Category:

  • The staff of the VQA and related institutions are trained;
  • Social partners/ NGOs/ local actors/ SMEs/ Vocational testing and certification bodies are supported through workshops, briefings, technical expert support, and field visits;
  • The management structure of TQF is in use and operational;
  • The external verification system is ensured to be functional.

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Category of Intervention III of the EESP SOP: Awareness-Raising

VQA requires new and innovative ways of raising awareness about its activities, the NVQS, the TQF, and about how people can obtain Vocational Qualification Certificates. Through TUYEP activities, a comprehensive awareness-raising strategy based on a strong target group analysis will be prepared.

Result 2. Under Awareness-Raising Category:

  • Persons are accessed through awareness-raising campaigns/events.

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Category of Intervention IV of the EESP SOP: Scientific & Technical Studies

VQA has additional responsibilities regarding the national programme for alignment with the EU acquis including the harmonization studies in “Chapter 3: Right of establishment and freedom to provide services” and “Chapter 26: Education and culture”. As the studies related to the alignment with the acquis undoubtedly requires extensive expertise and teamwork, some activities of TUYEP will focus on researching the best practices of the EU Member States.

Result 3. Under Scientific & Technical Studies Category:

  • Research/ Field Studies/ Reports/ Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, Comparison/ Compliance Tables Regarding EU Acquis/ policies are conducted.

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Previous Programmes

This project, which is the service component of the “Implementation of Turkish Qualifications System and Framework Operation (TUYEP)” will be implemented as the continuation of “Strengthening Vocational Qualifications Authority and National Qualifications System in Turkey (UYEP-I)” and “Strengthening National Vocational Qualifications System and Implementing the Turkish Qualifications Framework (UYEP-II)” Operations.

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