VOC-Test Centres – III Grant Scheme

The purpose of the VOC-Test Centres – III Grant Scheme is to support proper, transparent and quality assured assessment, evaluation and certification system in 26 sectors, to promote the development and/or revision of national occupational standards (NOS) and national qualifications (NQ), and to support the establishment of VOC-Test Centres to disseminate an efficient, sustainable and reliable National Qualification System (NQS).

The grant beneficiaries will develop and/or revise NOSs and NQs in the relevant sectors. In addition, they will establish VOC-Test Centres to carry out assessment, evaluation and certification processes based on NOSs and NQs.

The implementation period of each project that will supported under the scheme will last 18 months maximum and they will receive €150.000 – 250.000 as grants. The VOC-Test Centres – III Grant Scheme’s implementation period is planned to begin in November 2020 after the evaluations for the applications are completed.