VOC-Test Centres – III Grant Scheme

The purpose of VOC-Test Centres – III Grant Scheme is to develop qualified and certified labour force, strengthen the relation between education and employment, ensure the validation of formal and non-formal learning, and to improve the alignment of Turkish Qualifications Framework to European Qualifications Framework by promoting the development and/or revision of national occupational standards and national qualifications, and supporting the establishment of VOC-Test Centres to disseminate an efficient, sustainable and reliable National Qualifications System.

The grant scheme aimed to established VOC-Test Centres for the grant beneficiaries to develop/revise national occupational standards and national qualifications and carry out testing and certifications of previously committed occupations.

The projects applied to be a part of the scheme could request between €150.000 to €250.000 as grants. Overall, the grant scheme has awarded 23 projects in 15 sectors. The official procedures with the awarded projects were completed in October 2020 and the implementation period started on 1 November 2021. The total amount declared for approved grant contracts is €4.840.059,74.

Following the completion of projects under the grant scheme, it is aimed to;

  • Establish 23 testing and certification centres in 15 different sectors,
  • Develop 23 national occupational standards,
  • Revise 61 national occupational standards,
  • Develop 60 national qualifications,
  • Revise 32 national qualifications,
  • Raise the total number of actively certified national qualifications/occupations to 133.

Up to now, within the scope of the grant scheme;

  • 116 national occupational standards and national qualifications were developed/revised,
  • 20 grant beneficiaries signed preliminary authorisation contract with VQA,
  • 20 grant beneficiaries applied for TÜRKAK accreditation,
  • 2 grant beneficiaries were accredited by TÜRKAK.