10 December 2020

TUYEP Operation Opening Conference
TUYEP Operation to be Introduced to Stakeholders via Video Conference

The Opening Conference for the Technical Assistance for the “Implementation of Turkish Qualifications System and Framework” (TUYEP) Operation and the introduction of VOC-Test Centres Grant Beneficiaries’ projects will be carried out online on Wednesday, 16 December 2020.

The video conference will promote the Tecnical Assistance component of TUYEP Operation and the 23 projects that are awarded with grants within the frame of the VOC-Test Centres-III Grant Scheme. A panel on “Contributions of National Qualifications System and Turkish Qualifications Framework to Education and Business World” will also be organised during the conference with the participation of the representatives from Ministry of National Education, Council of Higher Education, Vocational Qualifications Authority, HAK-İŞ (Confederation of Workers Unions of Turkey), TİSK (Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations), and TESK (Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen).

All our stakeholders are invited to the conference.

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