Trainings for Technical Experts
13-14 March 2023

Trainings for Technical Experts

The first day of the workshop started with the opening speeches of the VQA president, Mr Adem CEYLAN, then Yaprak Akçay Zileli, Head of the Occupational Standards Department, presented the importance of National Occupational Standards and National Qualifications in the Perspective of Green Transformation and Digital Transformation to the participants who comprised field experts, technical experts, and other stakeholders.

During the workshop, various green and digitally related topics were discussed, including the potential for efforts in Turkey to achieve the 2053 Climate Neutral goal earlier, the sharing of opinions on the raw materials for hydrogen fuel, the serious problem of medical waste in terms of emissions, and the importance of renewable energy sources such as ocean and wave power. It was emphasized that studies on reducing carbon emissions in the iron and steel sector are at the “opinion” level, and that the inability to adjust the ratio of scrap iron and steel is the most common problem encountered in the construction sector. Additionally, workshop was given on Manufacturing and Digital Transformation, focusing on the five different areas of future professions: visualization, automation, interpretation, collaboration, and connectivity. The intersection between Manufacturing and Visualization, Automation, and Connectivity was highlighted, with examples and applications from industries.

The second day of the workshop continued with the sessions on the importance of national occupational standards and their preparation processes, and the development of national qualifications. In relation to Digital and Green Transformation, a national occupational standards and national qualifications processes workshop was held with the active participation of the guests. The training event for VQA’s Technical Experts ended with Yaprak Akçay Zileli, Head of the Department of Occupational Standards, presenting the topics and results discussed during the training to the participants.

Thank you to all our participants and trainers.

Scenes from the Training

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